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Some of our client testimonials from a lawyer rating site. 

10/4/13 -Great knowledgeable and caring attorney! Helped get me out of my DUI with no penalties! Saved my life! Definitely will recommend Mark to all my friends. Mark did excellent work on my case and I will be sure to use him again.:)

1/24/13 -Mark has been my lawyer for two years now. At first, I had my reservation toward him as I believed all lawyers are money hungry sharks and Mark is no different. It was hard for me to give him any benefit of doubt but super easy to put him under the microscope until I found myself sitting on the witness stand being questioned by my ex's psycho legal aid lawyer. Mark is a special person. HIGHLY smart and to the point. At least that's who he has been for me, my daughter and my family. I realize that his presence and work ethic is not of the usual however, as his client, I had to create respect, acceptance and trust and allow him to just do his job. I had to stop listening to "the voice in my head". Once I gave him that distance, he soared to a point I saw him making the opposition council almost break into tears. It was a joyful moment. To all who wrote negatively, think about why u hired him. He cannot win all but I know this man really puts forward his being for others. Thank you!

12/4/12 -Mark saved me from a DUI and was a great help to me when I didn't have anyone else who could assist. He got my case dismissed and I didn't have to deal with thousands of dollars in fees from the courts. I would recommend him as he really wants to help those in need. Because of him I got another chance, whereas some people lose so much with the courts looking at everything as black and white. Definitely want someone who cares representing you.

10/4/11 -Mark was hired for a criminal law case in 5/2011 regarding criminal fraud. I almost lost my house. He originally did not have previous knowledge regarding this type of case but I immediately knew he had my best interest at heart. Communication could have been better but overall completely satisfied with services and fees paid. I WOULD USE HIM AND REFER HIM FOR SURE. ;)