If Arrested for DUI it is Important to Seek the Advice of an Attorney Right Away. Here's Why:  

It is Important to Gather all Relevant Information as Close to the Time of the Arrest as Possible

Your recollection of what happened may be the best evidence available. Scheduling an appointment right away will enable us to get your side of the story before you forget important details.

We will want to know as much as possible about the facts surrounding your arrest. This will help us to identify possible defenses. We will want to know the time of drinking, how much you had to drink, how much you ate, who was with you during the time you drank and the time of arrest. We will want to know what occurred immediately before and during your arrest. These are important facts that could lead to your case being dismissed. We will be looking for police misconduct that could lead to all of the post-stop evidence being suppressed. We will be looking for possible rising alcohol level defenses and other reasons to suppress evidence.  

If you fear you are about to be arrested or have been arrested for DUI, do not talk to anyone other than a lawyer. What you say can hurt you. You are a party to the case and can be quoted by the police. If you try to talk yourself out of being arrested, you may unwittingly give damaging information to the police. For instance, if you tell the officer you had only one beer three hours before being stopped, and the chemical test indicates a higher alcohol level than one beer could cause, you may lose a rising alcohol defense. The expert will testify that you must have lied to the officer and cannot be believed if you testify in court. 

Remember, the job of the police is to gather incriminating evidence. You are not required to give any information other than identifying information and your choice of alcohol test.

It is best if arrested to contact us immediately.